Introduction to Your Law Tutor

My name is Brandon, and I’m the owner and operator of Your Law Tutor. I’ve passed 37 states’ bar exams. I’m barred in several states, went to a top 20 law school, and have an LL.M in Taxation. I’m a duly published author, with both a book publication “Beating the Law School Curve: A Blueprint to 1L Success” and a law review publication “Section 230 Immunity“, with yet another to come in 2023. 


For years I’ve been a top law school and bar exam tutor on other familiar websites. Here at “Your Law Tutor,” I chose to create this personalized law school and bar tutoring experience because, quite frankly, I deliver a superior product tutoring my students.

Brandon Salter

Criteria of Students

Your Law Tutor

Here at Your Law Tutor, my system is superior to any one of the commercial bar prep materials online. It has been tested over and over with a 100% success rate for students that completed my program. If you are interested, we are prepared to help get you over the top whether you’re a 1L looking for better grades or unfortunately failed the bar your first time.

We welcome any and all students interested in performing at a higher level than their peers, and will show you the step-by-step process to achieving your goals. If you are interested in a tutoring session, please call 678-333-1286.